Blended learning is the new way of working.

Learning Classroom

Blended learning combines the best of two training formats:

Traditional classroom training and online e-learning content.

Classroom Training gives learners direct interaction with the teacher, which is a familiar feeling.

On the other hand, with online e-learning learners can follow personalized and self-paced learning content.

SAP Enable Now support

SAP Enable Now supports blended learning:

Formal training:
Courseware for LMS, Classroom Training, Assessment, Quizzes, etc.

Informal training:
User Generated Content, Videos, Knowledge portal.

Performance support:
In-application help that can reuse the (in)formal training.

SAP Technology

Based on years of experience with various customers, we have all the necessary knowledge in-house:

• SAP Enable Now (Functional & Technical)
• Learning Management (Setup of learning team)
• LMS integration (Successfactors, Litmos, SAP LSO)
• SAP application design & development (SAP WebIDE, Fiori-UI5)
SAP Technology

Another key factor is our fast delivery.

Thanks to our templates & quickstart package, you get a headstart with creating your content (predefined and ready to use).

These templates & quickstart packages have been improved during the years to ensure that the highest quality and latest trends are assured.

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