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UX Design is fundamental in every projects.

Scheme about the three parts of UX Design: Technology, User needs and Business goals

The UX approach is divided into
three parts:

It is through these 3 processes that we can structure the best user experience.

The STRATEGY set by the business represents the objectives of the project.

USERS NEEDS should also be defined at the start of the project.

The choice of TECHNOLOGY is based on the analysis of the functionalities that must be defined.

Scheme about the work by iteration, UX Design process

The UX Design process works by iteration.

Each step is validated by the business and by end users in order to obtain a solution that meets 100% of everyone's needs.

Low-fidelity prototypes & High-fidelity prototypes

We use both methods for our end users. Our designers work with you to find the best solutions for your project. They will give you the best advice.

Prototyping is an integral phase of the UX sketch process. Prototypes enable designers to check plan thoughts and user flows earlier than committing to the last product.

frame mobile Mockup example in frame mobile

Types of Low-fidelity prototypes

• Paper prototypes are the quickest way for teams to create user flows and think about interactions. Paper prototyping is mainly really useful at some stage in layout sprints when teams have confined time to enhance flows and iterations

• Clickable wireframes are a low-fidelity digital illustration of how monitors and flows. Each frame will generally have easy traces and shapes with a outstanding CTA for navigation.

Mockup example in frame mobile

Types of High-fidelity prototypes

• A high-fidelity prototype, the usage of mockups offers customers an correct experience of how a product will seem and function. The designs will encompass coloration and content, whilst each hyperlink and button ought to work as it would in the remaining product.

• A high-fidelity prototype using code takes prototyping one step further. Designers create prototypes that function exactly like the final product.

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