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Yteria combines all skills and experience to enable digital experience on your SAP Solutions

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Sapui5 is the client UI technology reference of SAP based on JavaScript, CSS, and html5. Sapui5 applications run in a browser.
Servers come into play for deploying your applications, storing the sapui5 libraries and connecting to ERP services. It is the baseline digital technology in SAP area.

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SAP Fiori

Fiori is a set of cross-device applications that, among other things, allow users to start a process on their desktop and continue it on a tablet or smartphone.
SAP is developing its Fiori apps on its latest user interface framework, SAPUI5.

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User Centered Experience

Personalize and optimize the user experience for your SAP applications. Using modern UX design principles, observe your users and see what they needs.Eye tracking, information architectures, prototyping and user testings are must haves now to bring the best to your users.

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SAP Cloud Platform

SCP is the SAP Cloud open business platform designed to help you innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility and choice.
We provide a Step by step evolution roadmap to SAP cloud business solutions with SCP innovation.

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Integration Services

Connect business ERP appl.ications with other SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premises apps.
Process modaling and data interchange with state of the art service and master data model management

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SAP Mobile services

Quickly create and run native, hybrid and micro mobile apps with a mobile app development platform.
We provide tailor made solutions for your needs based on Fiori mobiles services, Cloud or onPremise, iOS, Android, SmartWatches, Mobile device management, Mendix, ...

Optimize your business solutions

We analyze your needs in every detail

Full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, feature usage trends, subscription growth, cohort analysis and more. Know exactly what users are doing across touchpoints to increase acquisition, drive engagement and improve retention.

Our Team

Laurent Bouziani
Laurent Bouziani Management & Solution Designer
Frederik Jooken
Frederik Jooken Management & Architecture Expertise
Jonas Vanderkelen
Jonas Vanderkelen Technology Solution Creator
Rutger Michiels
Rutger Michiels Technology Solutions & Services Development
Jérémy Coppey
Jérémy Coppey Innovation & Technology Solution Creator
Laureen Bataille
Laureen Bataille Experience & Solution Designer
Houdaifa Salah
Houdaifa Salah Technology Solutions & Services Development
Tom Van der Beken
Tom Van der Beken Business Solutions & Services Development

Full insight into the user journey.

Get started to see who your user are, what they do and discover what they really need.

  • User observation
  • Architecture insight
  • Digital maturity assesment